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Come as strangers, leave as friends

Definitely one of the most productive recreational angling spots on the KZN  North coast, whether it be shore or deep sea, bony or flatfish, resident or migrating fish, heavy or light tackle, bait feeders or game fish, Tugela is your spot. At least 60 species are landed every year by anglers, ranging from the more abundant species like Kob, Shad and Grunter to rare species such as Emperor Snapper, Job fish and Prodigal Son.The20km stretch of coastline between the Tugela and Amatikulu rivers has a unique combination of features attracting numerous marine species to the area.

All year - Resident fish such as Rockcod, Lantern fish and Reds can be caught. Salmon (collective name for various Kob species) are also abundant throughout the year.
Winter - The annual migration of pelagic fish (Sardine, Razorbelly and Mullet) and game fish makes winter our peak fishing season. It is peak season for Shad, Kob, Garrick and other species usually associated with colder waters (even Cape fish like Yellowtail and Geelbek).
Spring - Shad and Garrick in abundance. You can also cash in on the yearly migration of Grunter. The river mouth becomes particularly productive for smaller species of Kob, Stump nose, Perch and Kingfish, but many outsize "Daga Salmon" landed on live bait.
Summer - Tugela becomes the playground for sharks and game fish. King and Queen Mackerel, Wahoo, Bonito, Tunny and Dorado.
Autumn - February to May is Lobotes time for the shore angler and "Cuta" time for the deep sea angler. This is also a productive time for Shad, Salmon and Rock Cod.
Lobotes Charter - Tugela Mouth – North Bank 
24ft Ski Boat

Tel /Fax: 032 4584259 /  0845153488
We Provide :
-  Bait
-  Tackle
- cleaning.
-  Freezing facilities is available.

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